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Freelance Consultant

May 05, 2021 Zack Ballinger Season 1 Episode 72
The Zack Ballinger Show
Freelance Consultant
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The concept of work is changing → you no longer have to be an employee to add value to a company. You have skills that are helping one company right now. Why limit yourself? Expand your horizons, learn the true value of your skills, and work across multiple companies.

Mylance helps you up-level and run your freelance consulting business from back office admin, to lead generation alongside a community of talented peers.

My experience prior to Mylance:
-Uber Operator 2014 - 2018
-Managed 9 markets for Uber Rides in North Carolina
-Launched UberEATS markets: Miami and Milan
-Launched and managed the Carrier Operations team for Uber Freight
-Management consultant for Kaiser Associates - managed 10 client portfolios from various markets such as private equity, healthcare, telecom, and property insurance

After Uber, I worked with start-ups and logistics companies on how to launch, scale, and automate their businesses. I earned over $200k, learned how to work for myself, and the time and space enabled me to start Mylance.

On a personal note, I love wine, golf, crypto, learning about AI, and thinking about how we probably shouldn't make something smarter than we are.